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Your 3-step guide to Christmas holiday prep

Dec 10, 2021 | Accounting, Business

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for small business owners and employees alike. Ensuring that the business is prepared is essential to allow you to maximise profit potential, especially in the context of a post-lockdown world. Revamping your business’ marketing and design is essential to stand out within the overly saturated Christmas market. However, with the rush of the silly season, it is difficult for small business owners to know where to start.

If you want to make an impact this holiday season planning is essential. Here are our top tips, your 3-step guide to Christmas holiday prep!

Phase 1: Christmas research and admin

Devise a detailed Christmas plan

Doing a little prep and planning ahead of time allows you to skip much of the frenzy and feel more in control when the Christmas season suddenly arrives. Tick some things off your list early by creating a Christmas budget (and sticking to it), preparing your inventory and assessing which areas you want to improve on since last year.

Conduct market research to see what other brands or competitors are doing/did last year

Once you have got a plan it is important to get inspired. Check out what other businesses do during the Christmas season by perusing Pinterest, looking at Facebook advertisements, or engaging in a discussion board to gather learnings. Start by asking yourself some key questions; What are your customers looking for this Christmas season? How will you meet those demands?

Phase 2: Christmas design and rebranding

Order your advertising materials

During the festive season, get customers excited about your products and offerings with virtual events or in-store deals. Then, get the word out using personalised postcards and brochures that feature key details of your events and offerings are the perfect promotional outlet. Also, consider using banners and posters to announce your sale and attract potential customers passing by and existing customers browsing and considering their purchases.

“Christmas-ify” your shop or website

If you have a brick and mortar store, consider hosting a local event, decorating your shop front, and playing Christmas music. If you have a website, refresh your designs (while staying on-brand) to get customers into the holiday spirit.

Order thank you cards or gifts like mugs, calendars or branded promotional items with your logo on them

The Christmas period is an especially good time to thank your customers and employees and to strengthen your relationships for the upcoming year.

Phase 3: Going the Extra Mile

Reflect on what to improve for next year

Order too much of something that didn’t fly off the shelves as you expected? Run out of staples like branded bags halfway through the holiday rush? Learn from it, move on and add it to your checklist for next year.

Christmas is a great time of year. Just don’t get caught up in the rush and let things get out of control. If you would like a hand prepping for the silly season, please get in touch with Team at DGL today!

Article by Marcus Marchant.