Our Story

Established in 1924, DGL Accountants has a Mackay heritage tracing back almost 100 years which reflects in our firm’s understanding of the local marketplace. It is this knowledge and insight that has been invaluable in our proven ability to consistently deliver value through strong client relationships and tailored customer service.

As today’s economy continues to grow and diversify, too often the focus shifts to size in business dealings. At DGL, we shift the focus and put it back on our clients, ensuring we have the capability, capacity and relationships needed to meet, or exceed, their expectations.

The face of DGL Accountants has changed over the past few years, demonstrating a firm with a dynamic culture and determination to deliver positive outcomes for all of its stakeholders. We treat our clients’ businesses as if they were our own: we get the job done, solve problems, open doors, and come up with new ideas. And all of this would not be possible without the support of our great team – both staff and partners.

At DGL Accountants we provide outstanding accounting strategies that empower our clients to achieve the results they desire and reach their full potential.

Mission Statement

(what we do every day)


Everyday we provide professional and personalised accounting services which add value to our clients vision and help them achieve their full potential.  We do this by:

Understanding your business

Constantly reassessing what you want from your        business

Providing ideas & suggestions around your goals

Facilitating the growth of your business through          education

Providing systems to set, implement and                      measure your goals


(what we are striving for)


We are striving to be the Accountants of Choice by providing efficient and effective accounting strategies giving our clients the results they desire.


(what is not negotiable)


Provide value in everything we do

Excellence in delivery, provide timely useful and informative services

Understand our clients’ goals and tailor our services to help our clients achieve their goals

Some fun along the way and satisfaction of a job well done