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Business Advice

At DGL Accountants, we want you to think big about your small business. With tailored accounting and business advisory services, we work together to devise a strategy to achieve your business, financial and lifestyle goals. Our goal: to save you time and tax, improve your efficiency and increase your profits so you reach your goals sooner.

Every client and business is unique and our Accountants take the time to understand you and your business to build a tailored business and financial roadmap to achieve your goals. In addition to taking care of compliance, we also help you develop, improve and grow your business.

Whether you are purchasing a business or business property, starting up a small business, require advice on business structuring, creating a business plan and setting realistic financial goals, DGL are your go-to Business Advisors and Accountants.

If you’ve been in business for a while, we also specialise in analysing business performance and making recommendations to reach benchmarks and optimise profits.

Your time for success is NOW!


Purchasing of Business or Property

The experts at DGL Accountants will evaluate your planned purchases, advising you on the price, viability, return on capital invested and ascertain any relevant taxation issues.

Small Business

Using our extensive checklist, DGL will guide you through a broad range of issues that should be considered when purchasing a business or starting up your new business.



The Team at DGL will evaluate your current business structure and recommend a structure that is most tax effective and has the flexibility and security for your needs.



Effective business planning is the key to success. It provides clarity, direction and assists in securing finance, prioritising your efforts, setting realistic goals and evaluating opportunities.

Cashflow & Financial Forecasting

Getting on top of your cash flow and profit position is crucial to ensuring the ongoing viability of your business. DGL specialise in monitoring processes to help you manage your money.

Performance Analysis

We measure your business performance using industry KPI’s and benchmarks, identify strengths and weaknesses and make recommendations to reach targets and optimise profits.

Sale of Business

& Valuations

If you are looking at selling your business, DGL aid in determining the value of your company, prepare your exit strategy and review your business in its competitive environment.

Retirement & Succession Planning

Expecting the unexpected will ultimately protect you and your family. DGL ensure that the right structure is in place to protect your hard-earned wealth against unforeseen circumstances.

Our clients are diverse and we have the expertise to assist everyone from small to medium business owners, property developers, retirees and rural sector parties.

DGL Accountants aren’t just your average business and succession planning advisors – we are partners on the journey, here for you every step of the way and ready to go the extra mile with you.

For assistance with Business Services & Succession Planning matters please contact our Team of experts today!