Financial Advisor, Planner & Asset Security


Purchase of Business and Property

Focused on asset security Qld, we evaluate your planned purchases, advising you on the price, viability, return on capital invested and ascertaining any relevant taxation issues.


Small Business Start-up

Using our extensive checklist, DGL will guide clients through a broad range of issues that should be considered when purchasing or starting up your new business. E.g. appropriate entity, finance, taxation, and banking, record keeping and insurance.

Business Structuring

We can evaluate your current business structure and recommend a structure that is tax effective and has the flexibility and security for you needs.


As a business grows it is evident that with growth comes a greater need for management and business advisory services.
DGL, financial advisor Qld, will work with commercial and agribusiness clients to help grow their businesses. We can help clients focus on business planning, and setting realistic financial goals.


Performance Analysis and Profit Improvement

DGL gauge your business performance using industry KPI’s and identity its strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations to reach benchmarks and optimise profits.

Sale of Business and Valuations

Our experienced partners can prepare business valuation reports to aid in a business sale.

Retirement and estate planning

DGL, specialist financial advisor Mackay, in collaboration with your solicitor, a plan can be put in place for the exit of the business owners due to retirement, disability or death. The plan will allow for the business to be dealt with in accordance with your wishes and in the most tax effective manner.